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Have a great wine drinking week! The sights and sounds here in the valley just simply encourage drinking well and the pursuit of living better! Cheers!
Swami Vino predicts ~ 49ers and whom ever. Both games on today with Secret BY The Glass menu.
Taking reservations for our Super Bowl party. Call or DM us with inquiries.
100 Points and it will vanish soon. Compliments of the V Wine Cellar ~ Wine Illuminati (TM) ( Purveying The Best Of Best From Lands Near & Far ) ~ Here’s to a pace setting Monday!🥶
Continuing to build on our wine super powers thanks to producers that take the time to enhance our awareness of the trajectory their projects are heading.
2020 is here and we are not slowing down, new futuristic Coravin and the newest and freshest 2017 Alejandro Bulgheroni Estate wines that are 100% in tact and full of great promise! A delicious treat for now and in the ...
TBS~To last Saturday when our Wine Illuminati Friends and Clients show up for a pop up tasting and a man some call the GOAT shows up to make wine tasting dreams come true.
The quest for 6 continues today!
2006 Dom Perignon $40/Glass For starters.
2016 Sine Qua Non Dirt Vernacular $60/Glass
Pizza from Velo Pizza after 2pm
It’s what the winners drink! Hedonistic, Perpetually Expanding The Palate! Someone here at the shop loves SQN and promoting it to clients with results that add to our pursuit of delivering the best of the best from anywhere on the ...
How many wines can you say actually make you think they give you wings? Sine Qua Non does it every single year and we don’t ever see a drop in quality! Multiple vintages of 11 Confessions are back in stock.
When wine brings friends together and one of the worlds best winemakers makes a special appearance.
The road to our Super Bowl party has just opened up. Pizza & Wine for the next 3 weekends, come in and press the easy button. All neighboring restaurants deliver for us. Super Bowl party seating is available for groups ...
To a cool clear 2020. These wines are merely appetizers when our greatest client and V Wine Cellar Legend rolls through. #straightpoppingbottles
Running down this 2017 Bastard Tongue Pinot Noir after days without wine, we are going deep! Catch all the NFL action here this weekend and plan to attend our 14th annual Super Bowl Party! It’s gonna be poppin!
Welcome to the Dark Side of Charbono! There is no going back! Reaching for the stars at light speed!
Fruit Source Quality✅ Super Star Winemaking✅ Art In Label Design✅ Our Interest✅✅✅ This collection of Charbono bottlings have the qualities of Superstardom and Intrigue! We see through any wine, wines speak for themselves, always. Soon to be pillars in our ...

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